Who is this course for?

Teach Yourself Web3 is designed so you can get foundational knowledge to start your path of becoming a Web3 Engineer.

  • Web2 devs interested in Web3

  • People who like to understand how things work under the hood

  • People who love building stuff


    1. Join Discord instructions

    2. Program Overview

    3. Before starting

    1. Foundational topics

    2. Smart contracts explained

    3. Gas costs on Ethereum

    4. History of DeFi

    1. How does Ethereum work anyway?

    2. Ethereum whitepaper

    1. Environment Setup

    2. Access to “Dive into Solidity Smart Contract Development”

    3. The Lottery Smart Contract

    4. Crypto Zombies

    5. Required submission

    6. Frontend and Testing: The Complete Guide to Full Stack Ethereum Development

    7. Required submission

    1. Smart Contract known attacks

    2. Hacking contracts

    3. Required submission

    1. Philosophy of a Smart Contract Audit

    2. General Philosophy through the known attacks

    3. Review Smart Contract known attacks

About this course

  • Free
  • Self-paced
  • 25h-35h in total
  • Ask questions

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  • What is "Teach Yourself Web3"?

    Teach Yourself Web3 is a structured learning experience designed to help developers acquire foundational knowledge to start their path to becoming Web3 engineers. You'll join a Web3 engineer, auditors & educators community so you can supercharge your way into Web3 development and potentially pursue a career in Web3 via Macro Engineering Fellowship.

  • How much does it cost?

    Teach Yourself Web3 is free for everyone.

  • How long is the course?

    Teach Yourself Web3 is a self-paced course and the completion time will vary based on the effort and time you invest in it. However, based on what we've observed from previous engineers who completed it successfully, it takes 25-35 hours.

  • How can I ask questions?

    We'll provide you access to an exclusive Discord channel so you can ask questions and interact with our staff and other engineers in the community.

  • Who is behind "Teach Yourself Web3"?

    Teach Yourself Web3 is offered by Macro. We are a collective of engineers, auditors, and educators who train & place engineers, conduct audits, and invest in Web3 projects.

“The team and projects were awesome - My confidence shot up in writing & shipping secure smart contract code.”


“It takes me an hour and a half to accomplish something it would've taken a week before the Macro Fellowship.”


“I'm confident that I can get a problem statement and build a whole project on my own considering different aspects of making my code more secure.”


Teach Yourself Web3

Join a community of Web3 engineers & educators that can help you supercharge your way into Web3 development